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Dixie Bull
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Dixie Bull

Jerry Robbins
Colonial Radio Theatre
Publisher : Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air
Duration : 39 minutes
Categories : American
Audio Theater
Download Price : $3.00

Set in 1632, this is the story of New England's first pirate, a fur trapper named Dixie Bull.

In June 1623, Dixie Bull was trading for furs in Penobscott Bay, Maine, when a roving company of French pirates seized all of his provisions, leaving him destitute. He persuaded other fishermen, traders and seamen to join him in plundering trading vessels and attacking trading posts along the New England coast - thus becoming New England's first pirate. The authorities sent five vessels on an expedition against Bull, but he was nowhere to be found. Bull disappeared from the New England area in 1633. Some claimed that he had joined the French; others maintained that he had returned to his native England. According to a popular poem of the 1600's, Dixie Bull was killed in a sword fight. (Courtesy of www.piratemuseum.com)

The Colonial Radio Players:

  • Gene Risher
  • Frederick Rice
  • Lincoln Clark
  • Shane Clarke
  • Joe Caliendo Jr.
  • Justin Billard
  • George Fennell
  • Bill Hammond
  • Quent Risher
  • Paul O'Shaughnessy
A real pirate of the Carribean!
Bob from Colorado - 27 May 2004
If you fondly remember Errol Flynn as a pirate in some of those “over the top” pirate flicks of the 30’s and 40’s, than you will get a kick out of these. Lots of action, with lots of bad guys doing lots of bad things. I can only imagine how much fun they had making these programs. Grab a bottle of rum, your parrot and a brace of pistols. Prepare to come about and heave ho (what ever that means), Dixie Bull is about to come along side.

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